Modern Office roof with hatch


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This model is part of the wargames terrain modular building series. It forms the separate roof with 3 pyramidal roof-lights and a roof hatch, of the Office/Scientific Research Facility building, which is also available as part of the whole building in COMBI-DEALS.

The flat roof is designed to fit in with 'front' walls, dividing walls or  end walls. The roof has a high level of detail portraying  pyramidal roof lights to give that modern appearance (assault entry points?) and a roof hatch for normal access. The roof hatch has been reinforced with security chequer-plate. This can be painted gunmetal grey, then washed with GW black wash, dry brushed with gunmetal, drybrushed with silver to bring out the chequerplate pattern and finally washed with GW sepia to give that rusty 'exposed to the elements' appearance.

As an alternative to the roof hatch, the roof access can be provided by stairs and a seperate model is available to represent this.

The roof surface surrounding these features is covered in stone chippings, initially white in colour to reflect the heat of the sun. However, these soon become discoloured, clogged with weeds and soil. The flat drainage channel around the edge would be black/dark grey with patches of moss/mould green.

This wargames terrain model roof is representative of offices or light industrial factories built around mid to late 20th Century and found all over the world including in England, Europe and America. The appearance is of a generic type found in many urban areas, particularly cities, so that it can be used in conflicts from the 1930’s, WW2, Cold War, modern urban street-fighting and rpg. Originally the roof would have been constructed of a light weight timber frame with bitumen sheets in strips as the waterproofing and then covered with stone chippings. The roof-lights would have been constructed of glass or polycarbonate with a lightweight metal frame. The purpose of the roof-lights would have been to let natural daylight into the interior of the building, and would be  a particualr feature located over the stairwell or lift well, as indicated in the Scintific Research Facility COMBI-DEALS photos. Of all of the building elements, the roof-lights probably give the least resistance to forced entry and this is therefore a common way to assualt such office buildings.

The purpose of the modular series is to allow the user flexibility with the urban environment. Should you just want a street scene then facades can be built up on either side. Or, if you want to represent burnt out buildings then the wall elements will only be required. You will quickly see that this gives you savings as the roofs or floors need not be purchased at the same time.


This model is 144mm wide and 134mm front to back.

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

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