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V2 rocket

V2 rocket

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This 25/28mm resin model is of a V2 rocket in its production stage. With seperate tail section, rocket motor and fuel pump assembly, oxygen tank section, alcohol tank section and nose section with controls, gyros and warhead. The rocket motor and fuel pump assembly fit inside the hollow tail section. A plastic tube is supplied to represent the alchol fuel pipe that passes through the oxygen cylinder. Each section comes with a rail type trolley to support it in the factory. A launch pad is also included for mounting the rocket in its vertical launch position.

This rocket can be used as an objective. For example, at the end of WW2 there was a race between the allies to gain as much as possible of this german rocket technology (& scientists). In fact, this continued on as the space race. Alternatively, how would a commando raiding party got on with the destruction of this facility or of revealing it to a bomber force (as operation Crossbow)?

This unpainted resin V2 rocket model comprises:

  • nose section with war head and navigation controls
  • mid section with alcohol tank
  • lower section with oxygen tank
  • alcohol fuel pipe and nozzle (passes through oxygen tank)
  • alcohol cooled rocket motor and alcohol/oxygen fuel pum
  • tail section (to accommodate rocket motor)
  • launch pad
  • 3x short transport rail trolleys and 2x tall transport rail trolleys (flat base)

The model can be assmbled in its vertical launch position. However, please note that there are mould lines and indentations on the underside when displayed in its horizontal/production position.

Following the raid on the Third Reich's secret rocket development factory at Peenemunde, the production of V2 rockets was delayed by 3 months.

Models of the factory, cylinders, engines and rocket motors can be purchased separately and are not included in this set even where included in the photos.

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