About Us

Urban Construct produce resin cast wargames terrain, modular buildings and fortifications at 25mm and 28mm scale for historical wargames or role playing games (rpg). Some resin scenery models come complete with metal gun barrels, beams or troops. Many of these terrain models are also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

History has shown that fighting in built up areas (FIBUA) is one of the most demanding operational scenarios. The complex 3 dimensional terrain and close quarter nature of the combat makes it extremely costly for the attackers. Conversely a small group of well prepared and determined defenders can resist a much larger attacking force. 

These wargames scenery buildings are modular, you can purchase just the walls, roofs, floors, stairs etc… whole buildings or whole terraces or city blocks, as they are designed to form a complete urban environment including internal built. Whether you are looking to re-create the urban battles of WWII such as Ste Mere Eglise, Carentan, Caen, D-Day beaches, Cherbourg, Berlin, Stalingrad or are looking for an urban environment for your Victorian, gangster, Napoleonic, modern or near future squad or rpg skirmishes then we have something for you.

If you have had enough of running your game only around the outside of wargames buildings and want to represent the complex terrain of the built environment then finally you have somewhere to place your snipers, head-quarters, villains, or hidden anti-tank guns.

For inter-building 25-28mm skirmish or rpg, the floors, roofs and stairs (or even lifts) will add to the flavour of fighting inside buildings and built up areas (FIBUA-see the information in the BUILDINGS section for a quick explanation):

  • Internal surfaces of each model are also highly detailed appropriately with windows, doors, frames, floorboards, beams, fireplaces and cooking ranges.  
  • The main purpose of the modular format is that you can easily represent a whole burnt out city block or terrace. See the ‘external only’ COMBI-DEALS.
  • These buildings can be ‘flat-packed’ away, saving you masses of storage space.
  •  Save on expenditure, some models can be re-used in different buildings.


In addition to the buildings Urban Construct produce more conventional bunkers and fortifications. Some of the gun emplacements include in their price a model gun with metal barrel to give greater strength and value for money. Urban Construct also produce anti-tank walls and obstacles, tobruks and other defensive features found in Fortress Europe and the Atlantic Wall.

The buildings and some of the fortifications can have multiple uses, for example the sea wall is ‘massive’ enough to be used as a near future city wall, to keep out those pesky zombies or mutants or the flooded anti-tank ditch can be used as a stream or canal or to form a causeway, in conjunction with a road section.

 Many of our terrain models are also suitable for 1/48 scale model vehicle or figure dioramas and suit 'O' Guage railways. The building facades and terraces of cottages, Townhouses or Apartments would make particularly good O guage railway scenery. For O Guage railway scenery the building facades would be particularly suitable.

Wargames terrain models and scenery are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Our models are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years. Our models contain lead, have sharp points, contain small parts and may be harmful if chewed or swallowed and are therefore not suitable for small children.