Anti-tank wall straight section


Product Code: AT/W

ANTI TANK-wall Straight section

The anti-tank wall wargames terrain series of models are representations taken from actual german anti-tank wall plans. The base of the wall would have been buried 1m deep and the over-hanging profile was specically designed to prevent tanks climbing them. This over-hanging profile is reflected throughout this series of anti-tank wargames terrain.

Other anti-tank wall terrain models, which compliment this model are available in this wargames terrain series. For example the road block with cast metal beams (code AT/GATE), built in tobruk (code AT/TOB and loopholes for machine guns (code AT/LP).

A COMBI-DEAL is also available for this series, which covers approx. 4ft table width.


This straight section of AT wall model is approximately 121mm wide by 54mm high (average) by 36mm front to back.

This wargames terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

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