Apartment gable end wall


Product Code: APT/WG

This model is part of the wargames terrain modular building series. It forms the separate gable end wall of the Apartment Building, which is available as a whole in COMBI-DEALS.

The purpose of the modular series is to allow the wargames terrain user flexibility with the urban environment. Should you just want a street scene then facades can be built up on either side. Or, if you want to represent burnt out buildings then the wall elements will only be required. You will quickly see that this gives you savings as the roofs need not be purchased at the same time or, indeed, ever.

The wall is self supporting on a pavement base, and is designed to fit in with other 'front' walls and has pegs on the inside to support floors or roofs in conjunction with other walls. As well as the high detail on the outside of the wargames terrain building, this wall also has very detailed features on the internal face, such as skirting and fire place, which is exceptional for this type of wargames terrain.

This model is also available as a ruined version of wargames terrain  to represent battle damage and can be used to replace this wall as your game progresses or at the start of the game to represent a bombed out or 'nuked' building.



This model is 227mm high by 134mm wide and 40mm front to back including 25mm of flagged pavement.

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.


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