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For the 31 models combi-deal in the following configuration: £94.85 which gives 10% discount off the price of buying individual models.

This combination deal comprises 31 models including exterior and interior sets as follows: two end elevations with cast in fireplaces (APT/WG), two dividing walls with closed interconnecting doors and cast-in fireplaces (APT/WD), five façade models each with 9 closed windows over three floors (APT/WF), one entrance façade with canopy, recessed entrance and closed double doors (APT/WENT), six internal ‘wooden planking’ design floors(APT/F), three internal ‘wooden planking’ design floors for the entrance lobby with holes for the stairs and lift (APT/FENT/G, 1&2), three flights of half-landing stairs (APT/STR),  one lift car with removable door (APT/LIFT), two flat roofs (APT/R), one flat roof with sky-light (APT/RL), free step block (STR/SB) and four pavement corners (PV/FLG/CNR).


This wargames terrain building is representative of an apartment building found in European and American cities from New York to London, Paris, Caen and Berlin. The appearance is of a generic type found in many cities so that it can be used in conflicts from the American Civil War, WW1, 1930’s, WW2 and modern urban street fighting. This model comprises 6 apartments over 3 floors and one entrance lobby complete with lift car and half landing stairs. In order for your figures to be able to be positioned part way up the stairs we have also included a four step block. This will enable you to re-create the action and vulnerability of moving up stairs in combat! How will you dodge that bouncing grenade or hose down the landing above? We have also included windows at pavement level that open into a cellar (available separately) and the ground floor has been modelled as a ‘floating floor’.

You can also use this wargames terrain building to represent an hotel, town hall, Embassy, manor house, bank, sheriff’s office, police station, offices from late 1800 to modern day or a school. It will make a particularly good Nazi HQ commandeered hotel. Some other applicable games are VBCW 1938 and VSF.

Quite often in a town or city there may be several apartments in a row and this can be achieved by more apartment models and by purchasing a special party wall model (APT/WP). In addition, another possibility to extend the wargames terrain building would be by removing 45o off the pavement of additional front elevation models, a rear lift/stair lobby can be created at right angles to the main building, again over three floors (available as additional models). With the only access to the apartments being provided by the lobby you are sure of hours of contested fighting before being able to sweep and clear individual rooms.

In terms of construction the original would have been brick built then rendered to appear to have a (more expensive) stone façade. If you refer to the photo of the ruined façade APT/R/WF or gable you will notice that this construction is represented in the debris and exposed wall.

The lift car is designed to rest at each floor only and will only pass through each floor with careful modification. In other words should the lift car need to move it will need to be taken out and then put back in at a different floor level.


APT/CD001 is approximately 490mm wide by 212mm high by 195mm front to back, including pavements.

This terrain model is for 25mm & 28mm wargames figures and is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas. 


The Gestapo have captured your hero SOE spy and hold her in the HQ, a commandeered hotel in the centre of a Normandy town. How will you rescue her? Even if you manage to find out where she’s being held from local partisan cleaning staff, how will you get past the sentries positioned on the pavement outside? All the locals rightly shun the building and if they have to go that way they make sure they are on the other side of the street. If she is held on the first floor how will you get past the guard in the lobby to use the stairs or lift? Could you use the pavement window into the cellar? How will you get past the guard on the landing outside the 1st floor door? It’s all sounding a bit desperate; you know that there are at least 20 heavily armed fanatical troops billeted in the adjacent buildings with ten more inside, on watch at any given time. Raising the alarm is not an option. You start thinking outside the box.
You think that from the church tower a couple of streets away you may be able to get a view of the roof. Are there sentries here?
Fortunately, (unless you’re a resident) the building that abuts the HQ extends into a terrace of more apartments, one of which is the barracks mentioned previously. It may be possible to enter one of these with keys copied by the resistance. Let’s hope you don’t pick the barracks. You can cross the roofs of the town houses and then the HQ. When on the church tower you not only determined that there were no guards on the roof but that there was a roof light over the stairwell.
Good luck with that. Let’s hope that the local flak battery doesn’t notice you or your band of trained experts on the roof. How to divert them? Would the RAF send over a mosquito? You know that it’s only a matter of time before your spy talks, she’s been there three days already and undoubtedly not been fed or allowed to sleep and maybe even worse. The records kept in this building on the local population could also be destroyed in the same mission. But Lloyd, a deliberately set fire here may endanger local civilian lives.

Suggested Internal Layouts

For a hotel, a corridor running down the centre of each floor with two doors (available separately from this website code DR001) off to the left and two to the right would give you four rooms, each with a fireplace. One room on each floor could be the w.c. or two rooms could be en-suites, with only two doors on the corridor (one left, one right). The layout could be altered quickly and cheaply from scenario to scenario, utilising the same building models.
For partitioned offices again a central corridor and four rooms or we would suggest that the room at the end is larger and extends from the front to the back, giving three rooms. The end office would house several desks and filing cabinets for junior staff (or ranks), whilst the smaller rooms a single desk and filing cabinet for senior staff (or officers). Cabinets in the senior staff offices would usually contain classified details on the other staff/organisation/government projects, whilst the other cabinets contain records of the real work/petty cash/lunch-time preferences. Open plan offices come later and are obviously simple. However, will the boss still want a private room or is he/she happy to mingle with the staff? Whilst open plan offices may seem to be a recent invention, there were quite often examples of offices without partitions such as drawing offices or typing pools (yes I am that old).

Thinking of Assault on Precinct 13 and many good cop shows, a Police Station or ‘Cop Shop’ Entrance Foyer is bound to be a centre piece for the action as it’s the only access to other levels, rooms on the ground floor and the cellar. We would strongly recommend that a desk is added to the front lobby with a burly sergeant ensuring that nobody goes in or out without his/her knowledge/permission. The cellar would obviously comprise detention cells and stores and the upper level crime detection offices/canteen. A coffee station is highly recommended as is a snack dispensing machine. The upper floors of the stair/lift well are ideal also for all those polystyrene cups crushed in fits of anger and shouts of “Well, if those guys at City Hall think I’m going to dish out parking tickets and sweep the city of smack-heads at the same time, they can swivel…”.

The bank would have a counter stretching across the front entrance possibly over the lift position. Should the lift be required (for all that bullion?) then a rear lift lobby over 3 floors can be constructed with additionally purchased models.
An apartment would possibly have a central corridor with one or two doors off to the right, one/two to the left and one at the end. The room at the end could be the living/dining space, which extends from the front elevation to the rear.

Have fun with your wargames terrain variations! You can add internal walls easily and cheaply by using foam board. Separate door packs are available from Urban Construct.

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