Apartment stairs


Product Code: APT/STR

These sets of stairs are part of the modular wargames terrain series. Primarily for the apartment building to fit in the central stair/lift well. Each floor requires its own set. They can be bought individually from this page or as part of the Apartment Building COMBI-DEAL. These models can also be used for the Scientific Research Facility.

The set illustrated has been painted to resemble a set of stairs made from marble. However, these could be painted in different ways to resemble concrete or tiles. The floor and lift included in some of the photos for this product are not included in the price but can be bought separately.

The wargames terrain building, which this set of half-landing stairs belongs to, is representative of an apartment building found in European and American cities from New York to London, Paris, Caen and Berlin. The appearance is of a generic type found in many cities so that it can be used in conflicts from the American Civil War, WW1, 1930’s, WW2 and modern urban street fighting. This model comprises 6 apartments over 3 floors and one entrance lobby complete with lift car and half landing stairs. In order for your figures to be able to be positioned part way up the stairs the COMBI-DEAL includes a free four step block. This will enable you to re-create the action and vulnerability of moving up stairs in combat! How will you dodge that bouncing grenade or hose down the landing above?

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model figure dioramas.

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