Armoured Bulldozer


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Back in production with new moulding!

You will have noticed that there is nearly everything you need on this website to keep out a seaborne invasion such as operation Overlord. However, not everything is as formidable as it seems.  The allies have been busy too! The Armoured Bulldozer is here to dislodge and remove beach obstacles such as hedgehogs,barbed wire, walls, and clear routes of rubble, fill in ditches and bomb craters.

This model wargames terrain vehicle is representative of one of 'Hobart's Funnies', which played a significant part in the conquering of the Atlantic wall on D-Day. The cab is armoured to protect the driver, except for the top which is open and vision slits in each side. The driver's helmet is visible in the model. Armoured plate protects the engine on the sides top and the radiator is protected at the front. Lift off covers for access are represented on top of the engine protective plate. There is a powerful winch at the rear for towing stranded vehicles, for fixing to a strong point to tow the bulldozer itself out of trouble (wet sand can be tricksy) or for towing obstacles out of the way. A must for any beach assault!

 'Hobart's Funnies', which were developed by Major Hobart for overcoming fortifications such as the Atlantik wall. Hitler's Atlantik wall stretched over 2,000 miles from Norway to Spain and comprised a deadly combination of beach obstacles, hedgehogs, minefields, barbed wire, high sea-walls, anti-tank walls and ditches, gun emplacments and tobruks, which appeared to give an impenetrable terrain defence against sea-borne invasion. Be aware that the British developed ingenious ways around or through these defences and when you are representing these operations in your wargames,  you will need to consider how the allies approached the problem.

Figures in the photos are not included but are for scale purposes only.

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