Atlantik Wall


Product Code: AT/CD002

This combination deal of 6 models covers a table length of 4ft and will save you10% off the price of purchasing them individually.

There is also Tobruk models including Tank Turret type and sandbag emplacement.

This wargames terrain anti-tank sea wall selection will cover the width of a 4ft table and comprises: one parapet gun emplacement with roof, one model 50mm pedestal gun with shield and cast metal barrel, 5 sections of anti-tank seawall and 5 metres of our mock barbed wire. See descriptions and additional images under the individual item pages.

Whilst this may appear to give you an impenetrable defence against sea-borne invasion, be aware that the Allies have developed ingenious ways around or through your defences. For example the ARK is a variation of the Churchill tank that forms a ramp over anti-tank obstacles like the sea wall (see item code:HF/ARK). This model is representative of one of 'Hobart's Funnies', which played a significant part in the conquering of the Atlantic wall on D-Day. Initially a fascine would be dropped against the obstacle, in this case the sea wall. Then the ARK would mount up on the fascine to form a ramp, allowing other vehicles and troops access over the sea wall.

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

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