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Not only will you have to watch the windows, doors and roofs as potential ambush sites, but now the basements could be hiding anything from a squad to an anti-tank gun. See FIBUA fo more information on urban fighting. Although this basement terrain model is designed for the Apartment and Town House scenery buildings, it actually fits below any of the Apartment, Town House or Cottage buildings to add that sub-terranean dimension to your wargames.

The clean-up begins: After the nuclear inferno that blasted the city to ruins two days ago, Sargeant Bowers leads his squad from the secret shelter through the basement of, what was, the British Embassy. His Geiger counter was clacking away as he approached the sealed metal blast doors. Whilst they looked intact he knew that they were leaking radiation like a sieve.

There are two entrances into this cellar, on opposite sides. This terrain piece includes two seperate scenery pieces that slot into the openings. They are double sided so that either a blank wall or sealed double doors can be displayed. Perhaps it can even be used as a secret door and revealed as the game progresses? Check out the additional images, which show the different sides. The brick-effect side blends in well with the surrounding wall surfaces on this terrain model.

The terrain walls are brick effect and details include light switches, drainage pipe and electrical fuse cupboard. In addition there are two rings mounted into the walls, which can come in handy.

This wargames terrain piece can be used in conjunction with the sewer models to form a sub-terranean scenery level for your wargames, over which the whole range of buildings can be mounted.

Historical Background.

During WW2 many german civilian lives were saved as the apartment buildings were constructed with cellars. In addition these basements were connected to adjacent cellars so that any trapped survivors could make their way along the row of apartments until they could find an exit that was'nt blocked.

When the Royal Air Force bombed the rocket research facility at Peenemunde one of the targets was the accommodation for the research scientists and their families. Whilst these buildings were hit, many of the scientists and their families survived as they had taken shelter in the basements.


This wargames terrain piece is approximately 145mm by 145mm by 50mm deep. The clear dimension inside this wargames scenery item is 44mm approx and accommodates most 25mm & 28mm wargames figures. Check out the other images.


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