Beach Obstacles


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These plastic terrain pieces represent beach obstacles used in WWII by the Germans to protect the Atlantik Wall. They were additionally topped with a 'Teller mine' as represented on these models or a shell.They would be staked into the beaches along the invasion coast to distrupt a landing and destroy landing craft or boats. The sloping side of the beams would face out to sea so that any landing craft that did'nt see them would run up them and be potentially tipped over on its side to sink.

These obstacles would generrally be placed on the beach so that the Teller mine or tip was just below the water at high tide. Whilst they were visible at lower tides they still represented a danger to landing craft or boats because they could tip them over if the coxswain did not see them in time-in the confussion of battle-and ran along the front pole too fast.

There are two complete models in this pack and the two rear legs come as one seperate piece. Some assembly and gluing is required. Once assembled they are approximately 70mm long, 57mm wide and 70mm high.

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