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Product Code: CAS/TOWR

This model is of the top level of the tower. It has a resin insert floor section with moulded trap door. This fits into the roof but can be readily removed during game play to reveal the steps to below. Ideal for skirmishing. There are four crenellations which are tall enough to hide a 28mm figure, so you can take cover whilst shooting off some arrows! This model is also available as part of the combined deal "The Tower".

The COMBI-DEAL gives adiscount of 10%. The Tower is a suggested combination of the modular castle building series. It can also be used as a fort, watch tower, necromancer's tower, etc…Once you have finished using the tower the models can be used for alternative layouts and combined with other  modular tower sections, walls, floors, etc… 

The tower can be positioned partway along a defensive wall or at a corner (walls not included but are available separately). As it is higher than the surrounding battlements it will give a superior view around the countryside. 

 The tower comprises 4 tower sections. The ground floor section has an arched opening access to the stairs. The spiral stone steps run throughout the whole height of the model, giving access to the roof, with a landing on each level. The first floor has a small arrow slit on the outside of the castle and a larger arched window opening out into the courtyard or surrounding ground. The third floor has two arched openings approx at right angles to each other. These provide access onto the battlement walkways. There is also another small arrow slit on the outside of the castle.The final level is the roof which has castellations. There is also a removable floor section which covers over the stairs and is detailed with a wooden access hatch (see additional images). 

The tower could be extended into a basement level for access to dungeons by using another tower section and one of our basements..

As well as the high surface-textured detail on the outside of the building, these tower sections also have very detailed surface texture on the internal face, including the spiral stone steps and central column.

These models are also available as a ruined version to represent battle damage and can be used to replace walls as your game progresses or at the start of the game to represent a breached castle (please enquire using the "contact us" link).

 As with our other modular buildings the 25/28mm scale castle can be laid out as large as you like. The size of the keep or castle can be expanded by adding more models.

 These models are highly detailed and have a fully 3D textured surface to give that rough, craggy, random look of weatherworn stone. This detail continues inside the model so that the skirmish can continue there. The towers even have winding steps that suit standard 25mm bases.


This top level or roof model is 47mm high by 95mm diameter approx. Any figures shown are for scale purposes only and are not included.































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