City Sewer Cross roads


Product Code: CSWR/X

This terrain model represents a cross roadssection of sewer, which forms a modular subterranean part of an urban layout. The dimensions mean that it will fit with other Urban Construct sewer models, roads and buildings to form a complete urban environment for your rpg or wargaming layout. The side panels are concrete effect with grilles, cracks and rough surface texture.  A valve forms the focus of one of the corners. Possibly this is used as an emergency deluge from the laboratory above? Without the correct maintenance it might leak.....

The ‘water’ surface is smooth with slight undulations and we would recommend that this is finished with many coats of gloss varnish once the surface has been painted. Ripples are modelled-in where various pipes or grilles discharge into the sewer.

These sewers are deeper and wider than theVictorian style of sewer.

Dimensions: the model is wide enough to accommodate 40mm bases or two 25mm bases side by side. The depth in which figures can be accommodated is 42mm and will fit nearly all 28mm wargames figures. The overall dimensions are 142mm by 142mm by 50mm high.

"Harrison was glad to get out from the old Victorian drains into the more modern concrete sewers. Perhaps the water itself was corrosive, but this was of no concern as he was safely in his NBC suit.

He had heard rumours that people came down here to hide from the authorities and scavenge amongst the junk. Goodness knows there was enough of it. He didn’t really understand why people had to do this. He was billeted within a compound, a fort of sorts, constructed from corrugated iron, sandbags, concrete blocks and surrounded by a barbed wire security fence. There were plenty of civilians who were part of this military community. There was fuel, food, clean water and medical care. Why would anybody not come forward to be a part of this, and choose to live amongst the diseased environment outside?He trudged on, searching."

Also available are scenery junk piles made out of oil drums tyres, pallets, cargo, which can be used as objective markers, cover or just as scenery junk. There are also rafts for scavengers and ‘duck’ boards for keeping feet out of the contaminated/infested water.

Painting: the models in the photos were painted by starting with a light grey car spray primer for the concrete panels and water. Then the wall panels were painted with Velajo Stone Grey 104 and washed with Games Workshop sepia. Stone grey was then dry brushed back over the panels and then an even lighter dry brush of Velajo Light Grey 155 just as a highlight. The reinforcing bar mesh and valve was initially painted gunmetal grey, light rust 301 dry-brushed over then another wash of sepia, extened down the wall to represent staining. For painting the ‘water’ I used Velajo Flat Earth 143 to near the edges and yellow green 112 at the edges and dry brush over the ridges. It is important to experiment and develop the effect you are looking for. The 'toxic' waste from the leaking valve is painted on the surface in Velajo 210 and dispersed backwards from the direction of flow. Then coats of varnish applied over the top. The surrounding ‘ground', was primed with matt red car primer and then brushed with burnt sienna. After a wash of GW black ink, the whole was dry brushed again with burnt sienna. Pipes and mesh were painted the same as the reinforcing steelwork described above.

Also, other ‘Victorian’ brick style sewers are available that permit only one character in line at the same time. To increase the depth of this style of sewer extra extension pieces or ‘shims’ are available. These can be produced to a depth of your choosing but generally 10mm is sufficient and gives 43mm clear height. Search code SWR/SHM.

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