Combi-deal Double Town House


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Two semi-detached town houses

For the 23 models combination deal in the above configuration: £66.50 giving a discount of 10% off the purchase of the same models individually.

This combination deal comprises 23 models of the following unpainted and unassembled configuration: two end elevations with cast in fireplaces (APT/WG), one dividing wall (TH/WD), Four façade models (two RHS & two with LHS entrance)each with 8 closed windows over three floors with recessed entrance and closed door (TH/WR &L), four internal ‘wooden planking’ design floors, two LHS and two RHS (TH/F/1&2/L&R), two internal ‘wooden planking & tile’ design floors for ground floors (one right and one left) with holes for the stairs and detailed floor joists to the underside (TH/FG/R & L), four flights of stairs (TH/STR/L&R), two flat roofs (APT/R), one free step block (STR/SB) and four pavement corners (PV/FLG/CNR).  

This wargames terrainbuilding is representative of both semi-detached sides of a town house building found in European and American cities from New York to London, Paris and Berlin. The appearance is of a generic type found in many cities so that it can be used in conflicts from Napoleonic, Georgian, Victorian, WW1, 1930’s, WWII, modern urban street-fighting and rpg. This model comprises 2 town houses over 3 floors with stairs. We have also included windows at pavement level that open into a cellar (available separately) and the ground floor has been modelled as a ‘floating floor’. In order for your figures to be able to be positioned part way up the stairs we have also included a four step block (free). This will enable you to re-create the action and vulnerability of moving up stairs in combat! How will you dodge that bouncing grenade or hose down the landing above?

You can also use this wargames terrainbuilding in a terrace or to represent a sheriff’s office, police station, small offices from late 18th Century to modern-day or a doctor’s surgery.

It will be particularly good built into a terrace of these houses. Generally, in a town or city there would be several townhouses in a row and this can be achieved by more townhouse models and by purchasing a special party wall model (APT/WP).

In terms of construction the original would have been brick built then rendered to appear to have a (more expensive) stone façade.


TH/CD001 wargames terrain building is approximately 340mm wide by 212mm high by 195mm front to back, including pavements.

This terrain model is for 25mm & 28mm wargames figures and is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas. Some other applicable games are VBCW 1938 and VSF.


Whilst tracking the movements of the private security patrol as instructed by your gang leader, you notice that a rival gang member has passed on a package to one of the guards. Now you understand why the security company has been giving your boss a hard time, harassing him and closing down his operations. You talk to the boys who have been sent with you and decide to take revenge.






  Unfortunately, and a short time later you find yourselves with a wounded gang member who is wincing at every jolt as you climb the two stairs into the ‘friendly doc’s surgery’. “Man down!” you shout at the receptionist, ignoring the looks from those seated in the waiting room. Without another thought you rush up two flights of stairs to the Second Floor carrying Toby, who has now passed out with the pain. The ‘quack’ is incensed as you fling Toby down onto the couch. “Keep the blood off the leather you idiot, can’t you see tha’s new?”. You notice the half empty bottle of scotch on his desk and inwardly cringe at what your boss thinks is a ‘safe pair of hands’.

As the quack cuts down the side of Toby’s new jeans there’s a commotion downstairs. Your blood runs cold. You were sure you weren’t followed. You could double back to the 1st floor and hide while they pass but what about Toby?

This is it. You decide to double back to the 1st Floor, ambush the rival gang members on the way up the first set of stairs, getting both the advantage of height and a narrow space so they can only come at you one at a time. The adrenalin must be pumping as you still feel confident!


 Suggested Internal Layouts

There would be a stairwell directly facing the door and the stairs would be positioned towards the central party wall, which divides the two properties and is usually two bricks thick as a minimum. A corridor would run from the front to the back and this would be wide enough to accommodate figures as they pass down the side of the staircases. This repeats on all three floors. A small 90o turn will be required to ensure this wall does not clash with the central window. Two doors (available separately from this website code DR001) exit from this corridor for a room at the front and one at the rear. On the ground floor this would be the front or drawing room and at the back the kitchen. On the other floors these would be the bedrooms and w.c.



The layout could be altered quickly and cheaply from scenario to scenario, utilising the same building models.

For partitioned offices again a central corridor would run from the stairwell corridor and will probably serve two rooms or we would suggest an open plan larger room on at least one floor, extending from the front to the back, without the central corridor. This office would house several desks and filing cabinets for junior staff (or ranks), whilst the smaller rooms on other floors a single desk and filing cabinet for senior staff (or officers). Cabinets in the senior staff offices would usually contain classified details on the other staff/organisation/government projects, whilst the other cabinets contain records of the real work/petty cash/lunch-time preferences.

As a Doctor’s Surgery (where possibly the rival gang catches up with you) would have several smaller treatment rooms on the upper floors and a waiting room on the ground floor with reception desk. Goodness knows what goes on in the cellar (available separately).but you have heard from the neighbours that……

Much smaller than the previous ‘cop shop’ this police station would be for a small provincial town or large village. It could be as part of a terrace, as one half of or both sides of the semi-detached. It could accommodate a large room on the ground floor with a counter and screen and the stairwell would give access to the upper floors and cellar. The cellar would comprise detention cells and stores and the upper level crime detection offices. A tea station is highly recommended.

Have fun with your variations! You can add internal walls easily and cheaply by using foam board. Separate door packs are available from Urban Construct.




















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