Command Bunker starter trench set


Product Code: TRENCH/CD002

This 28mm resin trench starter set is specifically designed for WWII and 40k games. There is also a set for WWI and a large starter set that covers the width of a 4ft table and will suit WWI, WW2 and 40k. All of the pieces can be purchased individually and more details are under their own sections, but there is a discount of 10% when you buy this set.

This set comprises 8 unpainted resin models including a trench bunker with removable log, corrugated tin and mud roof, 1 roof support, 2 concrete reinforced firing positions with removable lids, 2 straight trench sections, 1 'T' section and 1 bend.

Made in the UK.

Any figures, 90o trench corner, netting or guns are for display purposes only and are not included. To reduce shipping costs we may not deliver the set in its normal display packaging. If the starter set is a gift and you would like it in its normal packaging then please enquire via the website for shipping costs before completing your order. If you are looking to order several items from abroad then again please contact us as we can usually provide a better shipping cost for multiple items.

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