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Combination Deal One complete cottage and one ruined

For this wargames terrain building, 17models combination deal : £68 giving a discount of 10% off the purchase of the same models individually.

This wargames terrain two cottage combination deal comprises 17 wargames terrainmodels of the following configuration: one end elevation with cast in fireplaces (COT/WG), one ruined end wall, two whole façade models (one central & one with RHS entrance)each with 4 closed windows over two floors with closed door (COT/WF &WR), two ruined front walls, one wargames terrain internal party wall with fireplaces and cooking range, 3 internal ‘wooden planking ’ design floors with holes for the stairs (COT/FG/1 & 2L), 2 ruined floors (one large & one small,) two flights of stairs (COT/STR/C&L), one whole pitched roof with four dormers (COT/R), one ruined roof with burnt out and damaged dormers, one free step block (STR/SB) and four terrain pavement corners (PV/COB/CNR). See additional images for photos of these models.

This wargames terrain building is representative of cottages built around the 18th Century and found in France, Ireland, England and Scotland. The appearance of this scenery building is of a generic type found in many rural areas so that it can be used in conflicts from Napoleonic, Georgian, Victorian, WW1, 1930’s, WW2, modern urban street-fighting and rpg.

In particular this type of building can be found in terraces in Normandy including Ste Mere Eglise near the Utah beach D-Day landings also portrayed in the film The Longest Dayor Carentan in the Band of Brothers. This model comprises 2 cottages over 3 floors each with stairs and rooms in the roof space. In order for your wargames figures to be able to be positioned part way up the stairs we have also included a four step block (free). This will enable you to wargame the action and vulnerability of moving up stairs in combat! How will you dodge that bouncing grenade or hose down the landing above?





 You can also use this wargames terrainbuilding in a wargames terrain terrace as part of a village or town, as a double dwelling or to represent a village pub (scenery pub sign available separately). Fantasy rpg could incorporate this terrain building as a pub or dwelling.





Generally, in a town or village there would be several cottages in a row, for example in Ste Mere Eglise, Normandy where there are several long streets with this type of cottage on both sides. It will be particularly good built into a terrace of these cottages.

In terms of construction the real original would have been stone built then rendered, possibly not just for decoration but to give a more water proof finish.


COT/CD002 is approximately 340mm wide by 212mm high by 195mm front to back, including pavements.

This terrain model is for 25mm & 28mm wargames figures and is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.





They saw the brilliant flash. Instinctively they turned away and threw themselves onto the floor, waiting for the inevitable blast, like they had practised. No sooner had they hit the floor in their cottage than the hurricane hit. Blasting their small but solid abode with searing heat and ripping force. There was a sound of crumbling masonry; next door they hoped.

The whole country had been on an "Attack" standing for the last week. They had spent their time wisely, preparing for the worst. The windows had been painted white and several doors were taken off their hinges and lent against the wall to form a shelter, just as the Government had prescribed. Shame they weren't in it when the bomb had gone off. There had been no warning previously but now the sirens were wailing of an imminent attack. Another one? How many had got through?

The wailing died off. Minutes later, after they had crawled into their shelter, they heard the three muffled bangs of the maroon rockets, set off by the local ROC. At least they had survived. Fallout was imminent, only one hour away. Rushing around their cottage they put out several small fires with the buckets of water they had prepared. Donning heavy coats and wellingtons they went outside. A complete shambles. Small fires sputtered away, cars were smouldering and masonry laid scattered over the whole area. The dust and ash was thick and choked them.

The worst damage however was next door. There was not much left, just a few walls, ruined floors and half of the roof had been torn away. It had taken the full brunt of the blast, shielding even their own property. The fires were spreading and they couldn't spend much time dwelling on what had happened to their neighbours. If only they had followed the precautions..."Protect and Survive".

 Suggested Internal Layouts

For this wargames terrain building we would suggest that there would be a stairwell directly facing the door. A corridor would run from the front to the back and this would be wide enough to accommodate figures as they pass down the side of the staircase.   On the ground floor would be the front or drawing room and at the back the kitchen. On the other floors these would be the bedrooms and w.c. 

The layout could be altered quickly and cheaply from scenario to scenario, utilising the same building models.




A  cellar can be added to form stores.

Have fun with your variations! You can add internal walls easily and cheaply by using foam board. Separate door packs are available from Urban Construct.






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