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Combination Deal Two COTTAGES

For the wargames terrain building 24models combination deal : £74.79inc VAT giving a discount of 10% off the purchase of the same models individually.

This wargames terrain two cottage combination deal comprises  24 wargames terrainmodels of the following configuration: two end elevations with cast in fireplaces (COT/WG), four  façade models (two central & two with RHS entrance)each with 4 closed windows over two floors with closed door (COT/WF &WR), one wargames terrain internal party wall with fireplaces and cooking range, six internal ‘wooden planking ’ design floors with holes for the stairs (COT/FG/1 & 2L), four flights of stairs (COT/STR/C&L), two pitched roofs with four dormers (COT/R), one free step block (STR/SB) and four terrain pavement corners (PV/COB/CNR).

This wargames terrain building is representative of cottages built around the 18th Century and found in France, Ireland, England and Scotland. The appearance of this scenery building is of a generic type found in many rural areas so that it can be used in conflicts from Napoleonic, Georgian, Victorian, WW1, 1930’s, WW2, modern urban street-fighting and rpg.

In particular this type of building can be found in terraces in Normandy including Ste Mere Eglise near the Utah beach D-Day landings also portrayed in the film The Longest Dayor Carentan in the Band of Brothers. This model comprises 2 cottages over 3 floors each with stairs and rooms in the roof space. In order for your wargames figures to be able to be positioned part way up the stairs we have also included a four step block (free). This will enable you to wargame the action and vulnerability of moving up stairs in combat! How will you dodge that bouncing grenade or hose down the landing above?





 You can also use this wargames terrainbuilding in a wargames terrain terrace as part of a village or town, as a double dwelling or to represent a village pub (scenery pub sign available separately). Fantasy rpg could incorporate this terrain building as a pub or dwelling.





Generally, in a town or village there would be several cottages in a row, for example in Ste Mere Eglise, Normandy where there are several long streets with this type of cottage on both sides. It will be particularly good built into a terrace of these cottages.

In terms of construction the real original would have been stone built then rendered, possibly not just for decoration but to give a more water proof finish.

This terrain model is for 25mm & 28mm wargames figures and is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas. 


He could see the house clearly now. The platoon commander had been clear, 1 Section was to gain entry and secure the ground floor of the house. Andy looked back along the ditch, 1 section, his section, were lined up ready to go. Seven men plus the two engineers’ one holding the vital mousehole charge; a crudely tied wooden cross with explosives taped to each end.




 The ditch was about 40 yards short of the corner Andy had identified during last night’s recce patrol.   It looked perfect. The approach was covered by a fold in the ground and it wasn’t overlooked by any windows. He had to be careful as there might be anti personnel mines or booby traps in the area.  He softly called the engineers forward then right on time the platoon firebase started hammering the building with machine gun fire. The platoon commander even got a tank to fire a couple of high explosive rounds into the first floor for good measure. The engineers inched forward searching the ground for booby traps. After what seemed an age they were at the wall and placed the charge. 

A huge explosion, dust and stone everywhere but before it had time to settle the attack team, John and Mike were at the wall throwing in a grenade just to make sure. A dull thud and they were in spraying the room with machine gun fire then pressed against the far wall. They looked at each other thumbs up, all clear. Mike stayed pressed to the wall by the door and John called “room clear!” through the mousehole. The section commander and second assault team were through the hole, a grenade through the door and the team was gone into the next room. Room clear! Then the final assault team charged through, a dull concussion and crack of bullets and the cry of room clear. Andy relaxed the floor was clear and no casualties.

Then the huge crash of a grenade in close proximity, noise, dust and confusion, John was down holding his side and Mike was spraying the ceiling with machine gun fire. Then Andy saw it. A small hole in the corner of the ceiling big enough for a grenade. The enemy were still there in the floor above. The house wasn’t secure, he called the platoon commander, “Man down. Enemy in the first floor. Next section in. Now!”.  Then he remembered his training “always clear a house from the top down”, too late they were already in and fighting.

Suggested Internal Layouts

For this wargames terrain building we would suggest that there would be a stairwell directly facing the door and the stairs would be positioned towards the central party wall, which divides the two properties and is usually two bricks thick as a minimum. A corridor would run from the front to the back and this would be wide enough to accommodate figures as they pass down the side of the staircases. This repeats on all three floors. A small 90o turn will be required to ensure this wall does not clash with the central window. Two doors (available separately from this website code DR001) exit from this corridor for a room at the front and one at the rear. On the ground floor this would be the front or drawing room and at the back the kitchen. On the other floors these would be the bedrooms and w.c.




The layout could be altered quickly and cheaply from scenario to scenario, utilising the same building models.

For partitioned offices again a central corridor would run from the stairwell corridor and will probably serve two rooms or we would suggest an open plan larger room on at least one floor, extending from the front to the back, without the central corridor. This office would house several desks and filing cabinets for junior staff (or ranks), whilst the smaller rooms on other floors a single desk and filing cabinet for senior staff (or officers). Cabinets in the senior staff offices would usually contain classified details on the other staff/organisation/government projects, whilst the other cabinets contain records of the real work/petty cash/lunch-time preferences.

As a Doctor’s Surgery (where possibly the rival gang catches up with you) would have several smaller treatment rooms on the upper floors and a waiting room on the ground floor with reception desk. Goodness knows what goes on in the cellar (available separately).but you have heard from the neighbours that……

Much smaller than the previous ‘cop shop’ this police station would be for a small provincial town or large village. It could be as part of a terrace, as one half of or both sides of the semi-detached. It could accommodate a large room on the ground floor with a counter and screen and the stairwell would give access to the upper floors and cellar. The cellar would comprise detention cells and stores and the upper level crime detection offices. A tea station is highly recommended.

Have fun with your variations! You can add internal walls easily and cheaply by using foam board. Separate door packs are available from Urban Construct.


COT/CD001 is approximately 340mm wide by 212mm high by 195mm front to back, including pavements.


TH/CD001 wargames terrain building is approximately 340mm wide by 212mm high by 195mm front to back, including pavements.

This terrain model is for 25mm & 28mm wargames figures and is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas. 










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