DD Sherman Tank


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This model is our representation of a DD (duplex drive) swimming Sherman tank. Presented here as a 'waterline' model.Produced for the invasion of France on D-Day, 6th June 1944 it had limited success. It was nicknamed 'a 30 ton tank in a canvas bucket'.There is also a model that has swimming screen in its deflated position.

Of all the Sherman DD tanks released at sea off Omaha Beach, only 2 made it to the shore. This was partly because they were launched about 5 miles offshore and the weather and sea was rough. More success was achieved at other beaches and armour was then on the beach in a position to assist the infantry with the destruction of Atlantik Wall elements such as bunkers. Indeed, as the bunker walls facing the sea were impenetrable to all but the largest naval shells, close assault by a tank on the embrasure was practically the only way of dealing with the gun bunkers.

This 28mm resin model is a single piece, does not require any assembly and is therefore ready to paint. The canvas skirt element has a 'rough' texture that helps represent canvas and can be painted using the 'dry-brush' technique. The model includes the compressed air bottles used to inflate the inner tube skirt supports. Once the tank had landed the inner tubes were deflated, the canvas skirt collapsed, and the tank could operate and fight normally.

The model is 174mm long, 83mm wide and 51mm high approx.

 'Hobart's Funnies', which were developed by Major Hobart for overcoming of fortifications such as the Atlantik wall. Hitler's Atlantik wall stretched over 2,000 miles from Norway to Spain and comprised a deadly combination of beach obstacles, hedgehogs, minefields, barbed wire, high sea-walls, anti-tank walls and ditches, gun emplacments and tobruks, which appeared to give an impenetrable terrain defence against sea-borne invasion. Be aware that the British developed ingenious ways around or through these defences and when you are representing these operations in your wargames,  you will need to consider how the allies approached the problem.

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