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Circling at 70 miles above the planet's surface, the team made their final checks. Using the apogee kick motor to obtain a geostationary orbit and then dropping down towards the planet the team leader made final adjustments to her rifle, safety on. This was her 15th drop, well 2nd actual, 13 simulated. The retro rocket would fire automatically and the legs would be deployed hydraulically. There was no time for nerves now. "Achtung, zwei minuten". Belt and shoulder harnesses fastened the leader said a short prayer under her breath, even though this was considered a weakness under the latest Reich Behavioural Guidelines. Still, if an angel could help her now...She even felt like an angel, falling out of the sky at 120 miles/hour, an Angel of Death.

This resin model comprises a body, 3 legs and a separate 'roof'. The body section has external windows, separate door for mounting closed or in an open position, internal harness and control panel details, hatch detail to the air-lock below and exit ladder in the air-lock. The legs will need to be fixed onto the model and an adult should be able to drill and pin them, green stuff will also work to. If required they could be left off so that the body model can be used as a fortified tower, sitting on the planets surface acting as a command post or observation bunker. The legs are highly detailed resin models that convey the power of hydraulics and robust, armoured construction. The feet have 3 heavy 'toes' that spread the load on landing. The roof model comprises a hexagonal lid with electrical cable and 'chequer-plate' panels.

This model can be used in various scenarios (see other images). As a survey ship for space exploration. An underwater diving bell or submarine for steam punk; I would recommend a brass/vert de gris paint job for this! A survival pod for abandoning a burning space craft, a 40K landing pod for space marines or troops (Fallschirmjäger for example in SOTR or 1948).

The model is approximately 130mmmm high, 120mm wide when assembled. Without the legs the body and roof are a total of 110mm high. The internal space in which a figure can fit is 45mm high and can accommodate 3 figures with 25mm bases.

Any figures or other scenery shown in the photos are not included.

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