Exposed aggregate style wall


Product Code: CONC/EXPA

This wall model represents a modern concrete wall with exposed aggregate and steel column supports. Constructed from steel posts and reinforced, pre-fabricated concrete panels with exposed aggregate texture, which have been slotted into the posts. Quite often this type of wall is seen on the sea-front with crumbling concrete and exposed rusting reinforcement steel wire. Rust stains are therefore common on this type of wall and these can be represented by painting spots of sepia coloured ink (for more details refer to our website under the free painting guide).

This one-piece, unpainted modern concrete panel wall includes the pavement base. It is a high quality resin product, with an extremely high level of detail on both sides and ends. The pavement surface and kerb stones are also textured.

The wall is approx 28mm high above the level of the pavement, with 31mm approx tall posts. The pavement is 23mm wide and accommodates a standard slotta based figure. The model is approx 146mm long by 32mm approx deep overall and the base is 9mm deep approx, which suits our range of modular road models.

Our unique range of modular products are designed to fit together to provide a highly detailed 3D urban wargaming table. The models are self supporting on their own pavement bases and are therefore suitable to be used on their own as well as with other models from the range.

The 28mm figure shown is not included and is for scale purposes only.

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