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Product Code: FAC/WE

This model is part of the 25mm/28mm modular building series. It forms the separate east sidewall of the northlight style Factory Building, which is available as a whole in COMBI-DEALS.

The wall is self supporting on a pavement base, and is designed to fit in with other 'side' walls, dividing walls or front/rear walls and has lugs on the inside to support floors or roofs in conjunction with other walls. As well as the high detail on the outside of the building, this wall also has very detailed features on the internal face, such as brickwork, windows and frames.

This model can be used on its own as a building facade to a street layout or when combined with other factory models this can be used for a warehouse or as a hide-out, gang's base, lock-up or storage garage. As a Mittelwerk factory it could be used for munitions (inc V1 and V2 rocket) manufacture, tank production, weapons manufacture, vehicle manufacture or robot up-grade facility.

Perhaps you want to represent a large factory, even the tank factory at Stalingrad, where the workers crewed newly made tanks as they came off the production line in primed paint finish only! Or a criminal gang's head quarters where £20 notes are being forged. Or even as a robot manufacturing plant, with clean rooms hidden inside the inconspicuous external facade of a derelict carpet factory? Able to take even a double decker bus of this scale, all vehicles should be able to fit in.

The model comprises 1 side wall, east elevation. The overall size is approximately 143mm by 42mm (including pavements) by 180mm high (top of wall peak).

One of the main aspects of this series of modular buildings is that they can be easily expanded and with each expansion the price per module reduces. For example, to double the size of the factory to 8 modules would cost only £70 not £88. To double again from 8 modules to 16 modules would cost an additional £126 not £178. This is becasue you already have the perimeter models you need and only need to buy an additional 4 walls to double and 4 walls to double again! The total cost for a 16 module factory 630mm by 630mm approx would be £284. That's just £18 per module rather than £22 per module, saving nearly 20%.

"Through the windows there was little to be seen, not even the light from a bulb could penetrate the thick layer of industrial grime. She had followed the gang to this point so surely they must be inside? The folding shutters were firmly locked but she could still hear and feel a faint but regular thunp, thump, thump. The sound of a printing press or the heart of a mensch-maschine? She could'nt be sure but new there was something wrong." 

The purpose of the 25/28mm modular series is to allow the user flexibility with the urban environment. Should you just want a street scene then facades can be built up on either side. Or, if you want to represent burnt out buildings then the wall elements will only be required. You will quickly see that this gives you savings as the roofs or floors need not be purchased at the same time or, indeed, ever.

This 25mm/28mm model is also available as a ruined version to represent battle damage and can be used to replace this wall as your game progresses or at the start of the game to represent a bombed out or 'nuked' building.

Pavement corner pieces are available separately as a set of four.

Models of the V2 rocket in assembly, cylinders, engines and rocket motors can be purchased separately and are not included in this set even where included in the photos.

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