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The fascine, a bundle of small sticks with rigid large diameter pipes in the middle is available as a separate wargames terrain model. The fascine was used as a method of crossing ditches or for specialised vehicles such as the Churchill ARK to mount anti-tank and sea walls. The pipes in the middle of this wargames terrain model, are there to let water flow through should the anti-tank ditch be flooded (for extra defence).

They were quite often carried on a wooden craddle, positioned on the front hull of a Churchill AVRE (available as a separate wargames terrain vehicle) or Churchill ARK. In the case of the Churchill AVRE, Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers, they were used to cross ditches. In the case of the ARK, these fascines were placed against the anti-tank or sea wall defence and the vehicle would then mount up onto the fascine to form a ramp for other vehicles or assault troops(see wargames terrain code HF/ARK).

As they were generally carried on the front of the Churchill AVREs then this casued visiblity problems for the tank commander. However, the consequence of carrying the fascine on the rear of the vehicle could be a disasterous fire casused by the red hot exhausts!

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

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