Five room module for Ultra Block


Product Code: UB/5R

Ultra Block the 20mm-28mm resin near-future/sci-fi building complex of modular resin segments. Its designed so that you can start with one module and a roof. Even this forms a habitat or a defensive position. This model comprises an unpainted 5 room module with a central corridor, which forms a quarter segment of a single level. The corridor can accommodate bases up to 30mm and the clear depth of the model in which a figure must fit is 48mm approx. Except the wall under the window which has triangular access panels, the other walls are left plain for your personilastion using embossed sheet plastic fro example. More modules can be added to make a multi layer building but by just adding a roof you will have a defensible habitat or bunker.

There are two types of roof, a flat roof and a pitched roof  with a recess for infantry and a round level base for a local ‘defence’ missile or a bio-sphere which are also available separately. Please view at our Salute stand this Saturday.

The starter set has a pitched roof, doors, windows and even a missile position! It also gives you a discount.

Each room has a slot for a door to slide in and slot for a window to slide in. Different door and window types are available options from clear or tinted acrylic to blast shutter, air locks or prison doors. The acrylic doors and windows come with tinted film which can be removed if you should want the window or door to be clear. Or if you want to use the model as a bunker then the windows do not need to be fitted.

Suitable for  near future/sci-fi skirmish or rpg games such as 40k, Infinity, Relic Knights, Warzone, Judge Dredd and Traveller.

The combined models form a modular complex, at the centre of which is an atrium, with balustrade either side this forms the central access route and the most likely zone for battles, firing across the void! It’s even designed so that the flyover passes right through. The complex can be used as a residential block, battle-station, moon base, star port, corporate offices, prison, hospital, police HQ, colony quarters, interrogation block…Constructed from modules which are approx 300mm radius, the building can be made multi-storey. Each module forms a quarter segment of each level and can be combined with two types of roof to form a single storey building to start with. There are two types of quarter segment modules, one with five rooms and a central corridor (the starter set contains one of these) and the other is an entrance type with just two rooms, notionally a Security Station and a shop. The corridor can accommodate bases up to 30mm. As its modular the segments can be arranged in other ways to form alternative layouts. Please ask at our stand or via the website.

The models are unpainted. Any figures or scenery in the photos are not included. the 28mm Judge Dredd figures in the photos are available from Mongoose. The white prefabricated toilet block in the red room and other furniture are not included but is avilable seperately.

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