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You will have noticed that there is nearly everything you need on this website to keep out a seaborne invasion such as operation Overlord. However, not everything is as formiddible as it seems.  The allies have been busy too!

The Crab one of Hobart's Funnies, is a variation of the Sherman tank that is fitted with a flail to beat the ground in front of the tank and clear it of mines. This kit comprises our own 28mm scale resin flail conversion kit designed to fit Warlord's medium Sherman tank. The flail conversion kit has resin, plastic and metal parts, which require assembly and comprises two arms, a plastic bracing pole, plastic half cylindrical shield and 30 metal flails, which end in metal balls. The flails can be cut in length to suit the application. For example, it may be desirable to trim the lower flails where they meet the ground. However, the flails are kept longer to suit other applications such as fantasy sci-fi tanks.See other flails on this website for details. The distance between arms when assembled (in which a tank must fit) is 48mm. This model is available with a Warlord's tank giving a discount (see elsewhere on this website)

This wargames model is quite fiddly, skill and adult assistance is required.

Whilst the combination of beach obstacles, hedgehogs, minefields, barbed wire, 4m high sea-walls, anti-tank walls and ditches, gun emplacements and tobruks may appear to give you an impenetrable defence against sea-borne invasion, be aware that the Allies have developed ingenious ways around or through these defences. For example the Crab is a version of the Sherman tank which can be used to clear a path through a minefield for advancing troops and armour.

The ARK is a variation of the Churchill tank that forms a ramp over anti-tank obstacles like the sea wall. This model wargames terrain vehicle is representative of one of 'Hobart's Funnies', which played a significant part in the conquering of the Atlantic wall on D-Day. Initially a fascine would be dropped against the obstacle, in this case the sea wall. Then the ARK would mount up on the fascine to form a ramp, allowing other vehicles and troops access over the sea wall.


 'Hobart's Funnies', which were developed by Major Hobart for overcoming of fortifications such as the Atlantik wall. Hitler's Atlantik wall stretched over 2,000 miles from Norway to Spain and comprised a deadly combination of beach obstacles, hedgehogs, minefields, barbed wire, high sea-walls, anti-tank walls and ditches, gun emplacments and tobruks, which appeared to give an impenetrable terrain defence against sea-borne invasion. Be aware that the British developed ingenious ways around or through these defences and when you are representing these operations in your wargames,  you will need to consider how the allies approached the problem.

The fascine, a bundle of small sticks with rigid large diameter pipes in the middle is available as a separate wargames terrain model. The fascine was used as a method of crossing ditches or for specialised vehicles such as the Churchill ARK to mount anti-tank and sea walls. The pipes in the middle are there to let water flow through should the anti-tank ditch be flooded (for extra defence).


Figures or tanks in the photos are not included but are for scale purposes only.

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