Floors, Walls & Roofs

These wargames terrain resin models are provided in a modular format, enabling flexibility and variety in the construction of more complicated buildings. Internal surfaces of each model are highly detailed. Where appropriate with windows, doors, frames, skirting board, floorboards, beams, fireplaces and cooking ranges. Floors, walls, stairs, lifts and roofs are included in this category.

These terrain buildings can be ‘flat-packed’ away after your wargames, saving you masses of storage space and can be transported in a foam lined casing, in the same way your other beautifully painted models are protected.

You will also notice, to save on expenditure, some of the wargames terrain models can be re-used in different buildings.

These terrain models are also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.


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Anti-Vehicle Road Barrier

Apartment dividing wall

Apartment entrance ground floor

Apartment entrance lobby upper floor

Apartment Entrance Wall

Apartment floor whole

Apartment front wall facade

Apartment gable end wall

Apartment or Town House flat roof

Apartment roof-light

Apartment stairs

Apartment/Town House party wall

Arched Doorway


Bookcase Double

Bookcase single

Castle gate or portcullis

Castle Tower first floor

Castle Tower ground floor section

Castle Tower ramparts access second floor

Castle tower roof

Castle Wall

Castle wall with high window

Castle wall with iron bound door

Column set

Concrete plank wall

Corner Stone Wall

Cottage dividing wall

Cottage Floor for central stairs

Cottage front wall

Cottage gable end wall

Cottage Rear Wall

Cottage roof

Cottage ruined floor large

Cottage ruined front wall

Cottage ruined roof

Cottage second floor

Cottage stairs ground to first floor

Cottage stairs no walls

Cottages combi-deal

End wall Scientific Research Facility

Entrance wall Scientific Research Facility

Exposed aggregate style wall

factory wall east

Factory wall west

Five room module for Ultra Block

Flagged Pavement Corners


Front wall Scientific Research Facility

Laboratory Dividing Wall

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