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This 28mm scale resin model represents the type of well and fountain that might be found in a town square.

The inside bottom of the well is smooth and flat and so can be painted with colour or layers of varnish to look like water. Or it can be painted to look like ice for a winter effect. The walls are brick or stone effect and the octagonal base is stone slab effect. The central fountain, which comes as a separate model so that you can have just a well without a fountain, is a smooth stone effect pillar.

In a town square the fountain would be the focal point of the community, supplying water, decoration and acting as a meeting point. Useful too for 'Battle of the Bulge' games when combined with our cobbled road sections. During a modern war this fountain could also provide cover as it is big enough for figures to hide behind or even inside as a sniper position (Enemy at the Gates). In a wizards city it would be the focal point for all sorts of casting and sacrifice.

Alternatively, there are clear resin inserts available to look like water with ripples, a whirlpool or even a clear resin 28mm scale water golem, elemental or spirit. These additional clear resin models are not all compatible with the central fountain spout although the whirlpool will fit around it. Check the specials section. Also available are a well version without the central fountain spout, a rough desert style well and a chemical settling pond.

It measures 70mm diameter inside, 84mm diameter outside and 17mm high inside. The octagonal base measures 90mm across.

Figures or vehicles in the photos are not included and are for scale purposes only.

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