These models are used for all your favourite 25mm and 28mm rpg and wargames including:, Frostgrave, Steam punk, cyber punk, WWII, Rules of Engagement,  Cross-fire,modern, Bolt action, SOTR, Secrets of the Third Reich, Ambush Alley, 1938 A Very British Civil War, VBCW, Call of Cuthulu, Victorian, Malifaux, WW1, Savage Worlds, Weird War 2, d20, rpg, Napoleonic, pirates, sci-fi, Infinity, fantasy, Runequest, No Go Zone, NGZ, Runepunk, dark future, Streetwars, gamma world, Aftermath, Warhammer 40k, WoD, AD&D, cowboys, gangsters.

The trenches, anti-tank walls and ruined buildings are particularly suitable for Warhammer 40k.

Many of our terrain models are also suitable for 1/48 scale model vehicle and figure dioramas.