Gun emplacment 50mm kwk


Product Code: EMP/50

The gun is included as a three part resin and plastic assembly.

This wargames terrain gun and concrete gun emplacement model is of a type OB600 open position or Offene Bettung for a 50mm pedestal mounted anti-tank gun (included). Surplus 50mm KwK39 and 40 tank guns and towed PaK38 guns were remounted on pedestals and put to use on the Atlantic Wall, Normandy and elsewhere. It was one of these guns that Corporal Kuska and Soldat Heckman used to put up resistance against the Allied beach invasion at Wn62, E3 draw Omaha beach.

The trench system can be used to connect to this gun emplacement to provide cover for the gun crew and ammunition re-supply.


The wargames terrain open gun emplacement model is approximately 110mm wide by 35mm high (average) by 104mm front to back, including base. The internal dimensions of the emplacement are 28mm deep and 60mm wide, and will provide sufficient cover for most 25mm to 28mm wargames figures. This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

It can also be used in wargames as a open gun emplacement for AA Flak batteries or as a machine gun post, a Michelmannstand, which was a pre-fabricated machine-gun pit used by the Germans. This scenery would also be suitable for 'near future' wargames or as Warhammer 40k wargames terrain.

The gun is included and comprises three parts, which will require superglue to assemble and a brass rod pin is included for insertion into the base. Adult supervision will be required. We recommend that the pedestal is mounted on the pin in the terrain emplacement first, then the gun. The shield will need to be aligned parallel with the top of the emplacement to ensure it is level before gluing into place. The gun barrel may stay in place without gluing and as such the elevation can be altered. However, we would also recommend gluing this in place at an angle to suit your wargame requirements.

The quad flak gun and any crew shown in the photos are not included in this wargames terrain model.


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