Gun garage bunker


Product Code: BNK/GAR

This wargames terrain model is a representation of the Regelbau 601 anti tank gun (PAK) bunker, consisting of a Tobruk position for a machine gun, an armoured plate roof over an AT gun garage, crenulated gun firing position, defended entrance, gas lock and crew quarters.

This type of bunker had a 22 cm thick armour plate roof, which reduced the depth of concrete required for protection and hence gave the bunker a low silhouette, compared to the Regelbau 629 which has a 2 metre thick concrete roof. Some of the terrain roof over the actual gun compartment is detailed in this way with metal plates and studs.

The surface detail on the wargames terrain roof has been left relatively smooth and with small pock marks. This means that you have more choice in decoration, such as painting as grass, sand, or flocked/gritted.

This wargmes terrain bunker is suitable for 'near future', 'post apocalypse' wargames and Warhammer 40 wargames terrain.


This wargames terrain bunker model is approximately 178mm wide by 42mm high (average) by 150mm front to back. The internal plan dimensions vary for each room. This gun emplacement is complete with a demountable roof so that you can position wargames figures inside and the clear height dimension (in which a figure must fit) is 37mm, which should suit most 25mm to 28mm wargames gun crew figures.


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