Laboratory Dividing Wall


Product Code: SRF/WD

This model is part of the modular building series. It forms the separate dividing wall of the Scientific Research Facility, which is available as a whole in COMBI-DEALS. There are three windows and three doors over 3 floors.

"Who knows what manner of experimentation goes on within these inconspicuous walls? What ever goes on inside is a dark, state secret and the new high, perimeter barbed-wire topped fence is proof of this (new model available separately). Although this building can be used for zombie production and any manner of scientific 'research', it was originally built to produce heavy water…"

The wall is self supporting on a blank base, and is designed to fit in with other 'front' walls,  or end walls and has runners on the inside to support floors or roofs in conjunction with other walls. This wall is highly detailed on both sides with windows, metal surfaced security doors, blank key pad studs and a pressure door on the 2nd Floor.

The purpose of the modular series is to allow the user flexibility with the urban environment. Should you just want a street scene then facades can be built up on either side. Or, if you want to represent burnt out buildings then the wall elements will only be required. You will quickly see that this gives you savings as the roofs or floors need not be purchased at the same time or, indeed, ever.


This model is 188mm high by 134mm wide and 25mm front to back.


This internal partition would probably be painted white in a laboratory or magnolia in an office environment. The 'observation' windows would most likely be tinted or mirrored. An optional extra is to request this model as cast in clear resin, please contact us for details of this special option. The doors are reinforced with security chequer-plate and can be painted with gunmetal grey, wahsed with a black GW wash, dry brushed again with gunmetal and finally highlighted with dry brushed silver. A further wash of GW sepia would represent a rusted finish.

The glazing in the doors can be painted with a tint or with silver as described above for the windows. Where the glazing bulges on the 2nd Floor pressure door then a highlight of silver or white can be applied on the domed upper surface to represent reflected light.

The other external facade models, which are available seperately, represent a composition of cladding panels and this offers a wide choice of painting schemes and textures depending on the use of the building and the era. The cladding panels can be coloured white as indicated in the photos or as concrete grey/beige (for that 50's & 60's appearance). Vertical panels can be painted as concrete and horizontal panels below the windows as light greens or blues (to give that faded 1960's &'70s appearance). An even more modern look can be achieved by painting the panels in light greys, greens and turquoise. Painting the window frames dark grey will also enhance this appearance. Have a look around in your local city for inspiration.

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