Mock Barbed Wire


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To complete your wargames terrain we provide this packet of mock barbed wire at 5m length. As it has no 'barbs' it is safe to use as scenery on your wargames terrain and it will look effective either coiled up at about 25mm to 28mm diameter or strung straight across model stakes. The accompanying pictures illustrate that this dual wound coil wire gives the impression of being 'barbed', refer to the pictures (model buildings and 25mm, 28mm wargames figures not included).

Many defensive positions are reinforced by barbed wire. Primarily this forms an anti-personnel obstacle that necessitates a delay in the progress of advancing troops as they operate to remove it. In addition, of course, it is also used in the urban environment to protect property. Your vital research establishment would not be safe without it!

By coiling the wire tighter than 28mm it can be mounted ontop of our wargames terrain range of walls. Or, leaving it uncoiled it can be strung across building openings such as windows or doors. Whilst it can be used unpainted a more realistic effect could be produced by painting it to look weathered and rusty. Take a note or photograph the rusty barbed wire present in our cities, towns and countryside! Once coiled to your desired shape, we would recommend priming in the first instance with Wargames Workshop's Chaos Black then dry-brush Boltgun Metal or Vellajo 179 Gunmetal Grey, then patches of  orange rust 301 and yellowish rust 303. It is also worth experimenting with sepia inks or washes. Once painted it would be worth protecting with a matt varnish or satin for beach defenses and mounting on a base as the paint may crack if the wire is bent from the first coiled shape.

This 5m length will cover approximately 4ft table width when coiled up. This will give coils of approximately 25mm to 28mm about every 25mm.

This wargames terrain scenery is also suitable for 'near-future' or post-apocalypse' wargames, Warhammer 40k scenery and for 1/48th scale dioramas.

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