Mortar Pit


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The trench mortar pit terrain model is approximately 140mm wide by 37mm high (average) by 126mm front to back, including scenery embankment. The internal dimensions of the trench mortar pit are approx 32mm deep and 60mm wide on average, and will provide adequate space for mortars and machine guns with sufficient cover for most 25mm to 28mm wargames figures. This mortar pit is designed to fit in with our popular trench range and has the same opening as the other models of our trench system .

The model is highly detailed with wood grain effect to the planks and stakes, which form the sides and floor of the mortar pit. The sandbags are cross-hatched to give the appearance of hessian material when ink is applied and then the model dry-brushed.


Also check out our discounted COMBI-DEAL for a 4ft length of trench.

The trench system is also suitable for 'near future' wargame scenarios as well as Warhammer 40k wargame terrain.

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.


During WW2 a network of trenches and ringstands could form a complex and effective defensive line. Urban Construct have put together a selection of wargames terrain trench sections, which begin to illustrate the complexity and variety of fortifications scenery. Trenches were used as firing positions or to connect between shelters, gun-emplacements, tobruks and observation posts within a strong point. These wargames terrain models are based on research into real and sometimes still existing installations.

During WW1 several trenches were run in parallel, from the frontline trench to the support trench and behind that the reserve trench. Urban Construct produce wargames terrain trench sections, which are modular and will fit together so that you can form this type of WW1 scenery.  Communication trenches ran at approximately right angles to these trenches to connect up the whole system. Dug-outs branched out from these trenches and were used in WW1 to provide additional cover for resting troops and for extra protection during bombardment. They were generally roofed over with corrugated iron sheets or brushwood and then covered with at least 9" (225mm) of earth.

Figures, gun, additional 90o bend model and camouflage net are for display purposes only and are not included. The 'grass' texture has been added by mixing flock with PVA and a little water and pasted in clumps. It is not an original feature of the model which has a smooth finish so that you can add your own flock or sand textures to suit the environment you want your battles in.

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