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This is a single figure from the set of seven 28mm metal Near Future or Ultra Modern Colonists. Pandora had been travelling the galaxy for the last 15 years. Secretely recruiting for the rebels. Planning for the uprising against the oppressive regime. The authorities had noted her movements she was sure but they hadnt put all of it together. So far her front as a respectable business women had held tight. Having psychic abilities also helped. She was at the Colony to shop. Mostly for the finest garments as this was a busy trading port, but also for recruits. She had spotted an ex-pilot in the bar who was, she thought, ready to believe in a cause, any cause.

The Earth is dying from greenhouse gases, ozone depletion and pollution. These unarmed civilians have made the grade and have earned enough points to qualify for Off World.These characters populate the colonies, some are travellers, some are on vacation, some are on business whilst others just get in the way when the shooting starts. Any could be an enemy or a friend.

These metal miniatures come with their own metal base which is approx 2mm thick and 10mm wide. However, the resin base specifically designed to fit this figure is included in this figure pack. The surface detail of the base is a chequer-plate floor to fit the near future theme.

Whilst available individually you do get a discount by purchasing the set.

These figures are all set for the bright new future of Urban Construct's building programme for off world pre-fabricated modular complexes. These figures are sold unpainted and any buildings or scenery shown in the pictures are not included but are available seperately.

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