Post Apocalypse

Its coming.........a storm is brewing between East and West...we think we know what it is and what form it will take but we don't know for sure. The future's bright, the future's orange...but just for a second. Then it will be DARK.

To represent nuked, bombed, burnt-out (or otherwise ruined) portions of a town you need only buy the facades, end elevations and dividing party walls. A quick coat of black on the inside and smoke damage to the outside painted finish will give a comparatively cheap and quick battle damaged built- up area, with the shells of buildings only, the roofs and floors being destroyed a long while since in the firestorm or nuclear inferno. The tabs on the walls are not only there to support the floors or roofs but will also add to the post-conflagration effect. “As the firestorm passed, it left the charred remains only of the supporting beams, the rest burnt away and collapsed inside the dying building”.

When planning this range of modular buildings, to cover the whole gaming table economically in ‘burnt-out’3-storey buildings for a ‘city-block’ effect, was one of our main objectives. To cover the length of a 6ft table with 3-storey Apartment Buildings, shell only, would cost less than£185.How does this compare? “You do the math”. That’s a lot of models to cover the table length and the example above is for four apartment blocks, three floors high.That gives 24 apartments and 4 entrance foyers; no roofs, stairs or floors, which are long gone in the “firestorm that raged through the city two days ago”. That’s plenty of tactical fighting! How will you progress quickly and safely down the length of the table? Could fire teams ‘pepper-pot’ with one team providing cover for the other's advance? Along the centre of a road, at the sides or through the buildings? The above ‘city block’ looks stunning but it would be easy to mix up the building types because the plan dimensions are the same for each modular type.

You can also represent different levels of damage by removing models and/or replacing with ruined versions of the same model (also available).

Some assembly is required and you may prefer to glue the building sections together. However, the buildings are self supporting on a flat and level surface due to the model pavement base; this means that these buildings can be ‘flat-packed’ away for storage. A particular recommendation is to store these in a foam lined case, in a similar way to painted figures. This would protect your painted models, which will come up beautifully with a good paint job, and make them easy to store or transport. Floors or roofs will require at least three wall sides for support. Tip: whilst the walls are self-supporting, they will tip over if knocked. Positioning two at right angles will reduce this risk and placing a model floor on the inside bottom lugs will stabilise the combined layout still further.


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