Rubble 4 pack


Product Code: FG/4RBL

This set of rubble piles comprises 4 random bases of varying types of rubble. These will be a random selection from the following: one base is small stones, one has large chunks as if a slab has burst upon hitting the ground, and there are four bases with collapsed rectangular building slabs, which used to support a building or structure but now just lie in the rubble, collecting dust. They can be used as rough terrain or as cover. Each base is approx. 100mm by 50mm. They can be used cross scale. They could be used equally well for WW2 or modern battlefields, Berlin, Stalingrad, Afganistan, Iraq or any urban or ancient conflict. Available separately is a set of six rubble pile bases. Also available is a larger pile of random chunks, which will also partially block line of sight for 28mm figures. Any figures in the photos are not included.

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