Ruined Wizard's Tower


Product Code: FG/RTWR

This 28mm resin model comprises 3 ruined tower sections with floors and one turreted ruined roof section. The holes in the walls are large enough for a 28mm figure. The individual sections are 58mm high, 50mm high internal in which a figure can fit by 93mm external diameter. They match our castle tower models too so that these can be interchanged. The Castle Tower sections include a single entrance, double entrance (access to battlements), a windowed section and a complete turreted section with removable 'trap door' roof section to gain access to the stairs which spiral down throughout the model. These are not included in this pack but can be bought separately. Castle walls are also available together with stone steps suitable for a keep. This Wizard's Tower is also available as part of the Silent Tower starter set, which has two ruined buildings and wooden access ramps. The internal and external wall surfaces are highly textured random stone pattern and there are the remains of a stone staircase in the inside as well as a random stone floor. Figures indicated in the photos are not included.

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