Scientific Research Facility


Product Code: SRF/CD001

This more modern style building represents an office, light industrial factory or laboratory and also for late WWII as a specialist production plant eg Heroes of Telemark, Peenemunde or Operation "Crossbow". This Combi-deal combines all the internal floors, stairs, and external model elements required for a double fronted research facility and saves you 10% on the cost of buying the elements individually.

Who knows what manner of experimentation goes on within these inconspicuous walls? What ever goes on inside is a dark, state secret and the new high, perimeter barbed-wire topped fence is proof of this (new model available separately).Although this building can be used for zombie production and any manner of scientific 'research', it was originally built to produce heavy water…

It's also worth mentioning that as its modular it can be expanded in any direction making a much larger version. By buying just two more wall and roof models and a partition the building can be doubled in plan & volume.

The flat roofs have pyramidal roof lights to give that modern appearance (assault entry points?)and a roof hatch for normal access.



This combination deal comprises 18 models including exterior and interior sets as follows: two end elevations  (SRF/WE), one dividing wall with closed interconnecting doors including pressure-door (SRF/WD), two front façade models each with 9 closed windows over three floors (SRF/WF), two entrance façades with closed entrance double doors (SRF/WENT), three internal ‘tile' design floors(SRF/F), three internal ‘tile' design floors for the entrance lobby with holes for the stairs and lift (SRF/FENT), two flights of half-landing stairs (APT/STR),  one flat roof with 4 pyramidal roof lights (SRF/R), one flat roof with 3 pyramidal sky-lights and one entrance 'chequer-plate' effect hatch (APT/RH), free step block (STR/SB) and four pavement corners (PV/T/CNR).

The facades represent a composition of cladding panels and this offers a wide choice of painting schemes and textures depending on the use of the building and the era. The cladding panels can be coloured white as indicated in the photos or as concrete grey/beige (for that 50's & 60's appearance). Vertical panels can be painted as concrete and horizontal panels below the windows as light greens or blues (to give that faded 1960's &'70s appearance). An even more modern look can be achieved by painting the panels in light greys, greens and turquoise. Painting the window frames dark grey will also enhance this appearance. Have a look around in your local city for inspiration.

The floors are patterned with a square 'tile' effect and there are further smaller, random indentations. These can be painted as concrete tiles, ceramic tiles or as carpet tiles.


SRF/CD001 wargames terrain building is approximately 340mm wide by 188mm high by 195mm front to back, including pavements.

This terrain model is for 25mm & 28mm wargames figures and is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas. 

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