Sea Wall Anti-Tank


Product Code: AT/WS

As well as providing defence against coastal erosion, these wargames terrainconcrete walls scale as 4.3m high approx. and form a formidable barrier to the progress of a sea-bourne invasion such as operation Overlord. These walls were one of the main reasons why the ‘Hobart’s Funnies’ were developed. The ARK version of the Chrchill tank was in fact developed to assist in providing a route over these barriers (available separately).  

Can also be used with the parapet 50mm gun emplacement model (code PARA/50) to construct an impenetrable barrier at the beach head. Alternatively can be run in long lines as a beach, strongpoint, town or city defence.

Some of the wargames terrainfortifications can have multiple uses, for example this sea wall is ‘massive’ enough to be used as a near future city wall to keep out those pesky zombies, mutants or the enemy city.

This wargames terrainwall is also suitable for 20mm scale as there is an inbuilt firing step behind the parapet wall. 


This wargames terrainstraight section of AT seawall is approximately 227mm wide by 79mm high by 75mm front to back (including base). Please note that this model is quite heavy and care should be taken when lifting or not to drop when moving.

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.





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