Steel shutters


Product Code: WIN/SHUT

Each pack of window shutters contains 3 resin models of steel shutters at 25/28mm scale. Primarily designed to fit the Scientific Research Facility windows, they can be used on our other models. The shutters are representative of steel shutters found on all types of buildings but usually in 'trouble hot spots'. Designed to protect the windows from direct assault, the shutters are of the drop curtain concertina type and lock at the bottom (note keyhole detail on model). During the day the screen would be folded up to show wares in the window displays or let light into the office. If required the concertina element could be carefully cut out by an adult with a craft/hobby razor saw and a pair of plyers .

However, wargames or rpg are not usually about shopping! You will inevitably find that the shutters are closed when its your turn.


Each shutter is 29mm high by 33mm wide. Some sanding may be required so that the model fits the window aperture. A mask should be worn when sanding resin.

The figure and wall model in the photos are not included in the price.

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