Stone Bridge Starter Set


Product Code: BRDG/CD001

This set comprises three models: two end sections and one middle straight section. Although the models are available separately elsewhere in this section, this combI deal gives a discount over buying models individually. The bridge is approx 90mm clear between sides and the arches are mm high and mm wide, and the full width of the model, with full stonework detail. The road surface is a highly detailed cobbled road which is easy to paint using base coat, ink wash, to sink into the crevices, dry brush base coat, then highlight dry brush. The walls are stone type large blocks. Again the above simple and quick painting technique will bring out the highly detailed surface. These resin models are part of a modular 28mm scale set that are interchangeable with ruined versions or added to in order to extend the overall bridge. Any figures or vehicles in the photos are for scale purposes only and are not included. For orders abroad please contact us via the website for best shipping prices.

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