Stone wall field


Product Code: STONE/W

This wall model represents a stone wall which would most commonly be found separating fields or gardens. It does not have a cobbled pavement base but will stand up on its own. Constructed from random 'dressed' stone, which has probably been robbed from a derelict church or fort. The wall is topped with rounded coping stones. Quite often this type of wall is seen covered in moss.

This one-piece, unpainted stone wall includes a plain base which could be decorated with flock etc.... It is a high quality resin product, with an extremely high level of detail on both sides.

The wall is approx 35mm high. The model is approx 144mm long by 14mm approx deep overall.

Our unique range of modular products are designed to fit together to provide a highly detailed 3D urban wargaming table. The models are self supporting on their own bases and are therefore suitable to be used on their own as well as with other models from the range.

The 28mm figure shown is not included and is for scale purposes only.

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