Technical Vehicle


Product Code: Tech/MG

This 25mm/28mm single resin model is our representation of a 'technical vehicle', one that's used as an improvised machine gun vehicle. Often used by native rebels, examples of this type of vehicle can be seen being used in north Africa and more recently during the struggles for freedom in Libya. This model has a mounting for a machine gun but this could be removed in place of mounting a swivel anti-aircraft gun in the bed of the truck. Alternatively, a recoiless rifle or even a missile launcher could be located in the back.

There is space in the back for two figures, mounted on normal 25mm round bases. This 'technical' could also be used for gaming various gang or criminal activities, arms shipments, patrols or even your normal day to day shopping.

The factory building and engine used in the photographs are available separately and are not included in the price of this model.


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