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This COMBI-DEAL gives adiscount of 15%. The Keep is a suggested combination of the modular castle building series. It can also be used as a fort, watch tower, milecastle, etc…Once you have finished using the keep the models can be used for alternative layouts and combined with other  modular walls, floors, portcullis, etc…   

The keep comprises 3 walls with high level gothic windows, one wall with an iron banded door at first floor level, which includes a personnel drawbridge, one stone roof, one stone floor, one wooden floor, one external short stone steps, one internal tall stone steps, 4 corners and 1 well (critical for surviving siege conditions.  

The walls are self supporting on a grass/mud bank base, and are designed to fit in with other castle walls and has pegs on the inside to support floors or roofs (in conjunction with other walls).  

Three of the walls have separate windows, which fit into the wall openings. A little filler or 'green stuff' will be required to fill in the gap between window and wall (not included). The window is textured on one side only but additional windows can be purchsed in packs of three, to form a double layer, giving a textured window on both sides of the sandwich. Clear plastic sheeting of 0.5mm approx was used in this example to give the impression of stained glass (not included but please ask) although if it’s a battle ready castle you want then 'glass' may not be an option. As well as the high surface-textured detail on the outside of the building, this wall also has very detailed surface texture on the internal face.  

These models are also available as a ruined version to represent battle damage and can be used to replace walls as your game progresses or at the start of the game to represent a breached castle (please enquire using the "contact us" link).  

As with our other modular buildings the 25/28mm scale castle can be laid out as large as you like. The size of the keep or castle can be expanded by adding more models.

 These models are highly detailed and have a fully 3D textured surface to give that rough, craggy, random look of weatherworn stone. This detail continues inside the model so that the skirmish can continue there. The towers even have winding steps that suit standard 25mm bases.  





 This model is 171mm high by 185mm wide including 20mm of banked grass/mud and 205mm front to back (excluding the drawbridge and external steps). The windows and door are 35mm wide, 43mm high and the window cills are 15mm above first floor level (to give a comfortable firing position for a 25/28mm wargaming miniature).








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