Tobruk buried landscape


Product Code: TOB/L

This wargames terrainmodel represents the partial burial of the ringstande or tobruk to improve concealment and protection. It was common practice to provide access along one side via a trench. This model will fit all of the ringstande or tobruk models but will only provide access to one side of TOB/ARM, the FT17 rinstande with armoured door. Camouflage netting was often strung from the entrance to conceal the trench access position.



This wargames terrainbunker landscape model is approximately mm wide by mm high (average) by mm front to back. The internal dimensions of the emplacement are mm long and mm wide and mm deep on average.

 This wargames terrain model does not include the tobruk. A range of wargames terrain tobruks are available separately. See WWII Fortifications.

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.













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