Window Fortifications


Product Code: WIN/FORT

This set of 8 pieces of resin terrain represent various types of barricades used to reinforce window openings. There are two types of opening. 

The first type is a pre-planned obstruction to the aperture with a deliberate loophole or firing position. There is a bricked up opening with a loophole and missing bricks at the top, an opening that's been obstructed with concrete blocks with a steel lintle, which can be used from WW2 Europe to modern day, a steel type perforated shutter often seen on empty and derilict type properties and a steel mesh screen over a plywood sheet, which has now had a hastily made hole made in it for defense.

The second group comprise more hastliy prepared barricades and include concrete blocks put into position but without being cemented in, still with a loophole for defensive fire, a wooden barricade with a sandbag for resting weapons on, a strand of barbed wire and a part sheet of corrugated iron add to the defensive value, a sandbag filled barricade with an steel beam used as a lintel over the firing loophole, and a barricade made from a couple of rusting sheets of corrugated iron.  The defensive value of this last barricade has to be questioned as the  corrugated sheets do not even meet up! We believe that it would only be fit for anti-personnel access and not trusted to stop a bullet.

They can be used for WW2 and WW3 as well as for 40k and sci-fi.


Generally the barricades are 30mm high and 34mm wide but may vary slightly. Some sanding may be required to fit the model into the window aperture. A mask should be worn when sanding resin. primarily designed to fit the Scientific Research Facility or Office building, these barricades can be used with our other buildings.

Models or figures shown in the photos are not included in the price.

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