World War II Fortifications

During WW2 a network of trenches and ringstands could form a complex and effective defensive line. Urban Construct have put together a selection of wargames terrain, which begins to illustrate the complexity and variety of fortifications scenery. Trenches were used as firing positions or to connect between shelters, gun-emplacements, tobruks and observation posts within a strong point. The following wargames terrain models are based on research into the real and sometimes still existing installations.

 This has been a fascinating subject to explore and create terrain from.  We hope that you find the historical background informative. This will hopefully inspire you to look deeper into the historical events related to this period. We also trust that you find these terrain models useful for your wargames but would like to hear from you should you have other scenery requirements.


Many of these terrain models are also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

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90o bend for trench set

Anti tank bunker R667

Anti-tank bunker R667 with 50mm pedestal gun

Anti-tank bunker special double embrasure with 50mmKwk

Anti-tank bunker special double embrasure.

Anti-tank bunker type R677

Anti-tank ditch

Anti-Tank Wall Offsets- pair

Anti-tank wall straight section

Armoured Bulldozer

Atlantik Wall


Beach Obstacles

Bombed cobbled road

Bridge Middle

Bridge ramp section

Bulldozer blade for Sherman tank

Churchill ARK

Churchill AVRE

Cobbled 'T' junction with turret

Cobbled crossroads with Ringstande

Cobbled road section

Combi-deal Anti-tank wall

combi-deal trenches

Command Bunker starter trench set

Command Bunker Trench

Corner Stone Wall

Cottage and ruin

Cottage ruined front wall

Cottage ruined roof

Cottages combi-deal

Crab tank Sherman Flail

DD Sherman Tank

DD Sherman with deflated skirt

Deflated Skirt for DD Sherman tank

Double Crater

dragon's teeth tank trap

Enfilade gun emplacment 50mm

Exposed aggregate style wall


Fascine stick bundle

Flail, drum and arms


FT17 turret tobruk with armoured door and blast wall

Fuel Tank with base

Fuel tank without base

Gun emplacment 50mm kwk

Gun garage bunker


Large Bomb Crater

Loopholes for Anti Tank wall

Machine gun position at cobbled 'T' juction

machine gun tobruck

MG Tobruk for AT wall

Mock Barbed Wire

Mortar Pit

Parapet gun emplacment 50mm

Pre-Painted Church

Ringstande APX

Ringstande mortar

Road block for anti-tank wall





Roof for trench dug-out

Row of Arches

Rubble 4 pack

Rubble 6 Pack

Ruined Apartment Gable

Ruined apartment/town house front wall

Ruined cottage gable end

Sandbag emplacement/machine gun nest

Sandbagged crater

Sea Wall Anti-Tank

Sea wall breach

Sewer 'T' junction

Sherman with Bulldozer Blade

Small Crater

Stone Bridge Starter Set

Stone wall field

Stone wall with pavement

Straight sewer section


Tobruk buried landscape





Trench ‘T’ junction

Trench concrete reinforced firing position

Trench Offset

Trench Straight Section

Ultra Block Metal Doors

V2 rocket

Weapon position





Window Fortifications

WWI British tank Mark IV Male

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