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During WW1 several trenches were run in parallel. From the frontline trench to the support trench and behind that the reserve trench.Urban Construct produce wargames terrain trench sections, which are modular and will fit together so that you can form this type of WW1 scenery.Communication trenches ran at approximately right angles to these trenches to connect up the whole system.


Initially during WW1, warfare was mobile but as each side prepared defensive positions to protect their flanks, fighting became more static. As each side constructed their trenches they extended further and further to the sides. However,once these systems extended as far as the Alps and the English Channel, fighting became static. This stalemate did not begin to break until the invention of the trench crossing tank by British forces in 1916.


This 28mm scale resin model is of a German A7V tank. The front gun barrel is plastic to give it more strength. The six side machine guns are constructed from copper tube to give a thin casing to represent the Maxim machine guns often installed in the hull. Some assembly/gluing is required to fit these although 'green stuff' would be preferable to stick these in. There is also a model of the British Mark IV WWI tank.


The main armanent was a 57mm gun in the front hull. Initially no engine was powerful enough to move the 30 tons of the A7V in the restricted allocated space, so two Daimler petrol 4-cylinder engines, each delivering about 100 bhp were coupled together. This solution produced the most powerful tank of the war, with a speed even greater than British late tanks (Mk.V). 500 litres of fuel were stored to feed this engine, but due to the enormous consumption, the range never exceeded 37.3 miles on road. Top speed off-road was limited to 3.1 mph at best. The driver had very poor vision. The A7V was committed mostly on open terrains and roads, just like armoured cars, where its speed and armament could reveal its true potential. Last but not least, the A7Vs were all hand-built and of great manufacture quality (and very high cost). Every model had unique features as no standardization was achieved.


The model measures 150mm long (exc barrel), 55mm wide and 70mm high.


This model is also suitable for VBCW, Steam Punk and Savage Worlds (Deadlands, Ripper,...)

Other models or figures in the photographs are not included.


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